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  • When can my child start classes?
    Children may start classes at any time of the year as long as there is a class open that fits your schedule.
  • What class should I enroll my child in?
    For a complete description of our classes, please click on the “Our Classes” tab on the home page. Classes are broken down by age, gender, and ability. The typical break down is as follows: Age: 2 and 4 Yrs – Pre-School (must be potty trained) Age: 5/6 Yrs (Kindergarten) – Level 1 Age: Boys 6 to 12 Yrs – Beginner Boys/Advanced Boys Age: Girls 6 to 12 Yrs – Level 1 & 2 Age: 13 to 18 Yrs – Level 3,4, 5 If your child has previous gymnastics experience, please give us a call at (308)207-2799, and we will be happy to assist you or set up an evaluation.
  • How much is Tuition?
    Tuition is based on your class level and the number of days per week attending. Please click on the “Our Classes” tab. Tuition prices will be listed for each level. Please note that all tuition prices shown are per month.
  • How do I register for classes?
    To register for classes you will first need to set up an account if you have not already done so. Please click on the “Create Account” button located on the right side of our home page and follow the instructions. Once your account is set up you can register for classes.
  • Do you charge a registration fee?
    Yes, we charge a $45.00 annual registration/insurance fee per child. The registration/insurance fee will cover your child for accident insurance while at the gym. The yearly fee runs from September 1 to August 31. The annual fee may be pro-rated depending upon your class start date.
  • How do I make payments
    Tuition payments are made from your “Parent Portal”. You can log into your account and make payments from a credit card, using our auto-pay feature from your parent portal. Auto pay is run on the 23rd of each month.
  • How do I set up auto pay?
    To set up our Auto-Pay feature, you will first need to log into your parent portal. Once in the parent portal, click on the “Manage Payment Options” button under the Payments section. From here you may enter your credit card or checking account information which will then be saved to your account until you delete it. Please note that you will still receive a billing statement at the end of the previous month, letting you know how much has been billed. Autopay is run on the 1st of each month. If you receive a reminder statement around the 10th of the month, then more than likely, your credit card was declined. The majority of the declined credit cards are due to either invalid expiration dates or invalid card numbers. Don’t forget to log in and update your credit card information if your bank has sent you a new card.
  • When are classes offered?
    For a complete listing of our classes, please click on the “Class Schedules” button on the right side of the home page. You can narrow down your class search by using the class filters. Please remember to press the submit button each time you change a filter to update the class listings. Classes will be marked Full or Open. Please contact us via phone or email if you would like to be put on a waiting list for a full class.
  • Is there a contract to sign?
    No, we do not require any signed contracts. We run two sessions throughout the year. The first session runs during the school year, and the second session runs during the summer. All of our billing is done monthly. You are not required to attend the entire session. We do ask that you let us know by the 15th of the month if your child will not be attending the next month. So that we may remove you from auto pay, and allow a child off the wait list to fill the spot in the class.
  • Can I stay and watch classes?
    Absoloutely! We have a parent viewing area up the stairs above our office. During Covid-19 restrictions we do ask that you use a antibacterial wipe to wipe off your seat after you are finished viewing.
  • What if my child wants to do competitive gymnastics?
    We currently offer girls competitive teams. We are always on the lookout for students who can be considered for one of our teams. Please contact the office or your child’s instructor if they are interested in the team, and they will be happy to give you more information.
  • What if my child has to miss a class?
    If your child has to miss a class, we can offer a makeup class. Be sure to call the office before the absence to arrange for a make up class. Make-up classes are limited to one per month per child and also based on availability.
  • How do I drop a class?
    If you are going to drop your class for any reason please let us know by the 15th of the month so that we may offer your class spot to someone on the waiting list. You can drop a class from your parent portal or by emailing or calling the office.
  • Are you closed when school is out?
    We do not follow the local schools schedules. Please follow us on Facebook/Instagram and our website for closings.
  • What should my child wear to class?
    Girls Leotard and bare feet. Tight fitting athletic active wear is acceptable. Tights are acceptable as long as they have no feet. For the safety of your gymnast we require no loose clothing. ​ Boys Sweatsuit, or "T" shirt, shorts, and bare feet. For the safety of your gymnast we recommend tight fitting athletic active wear. Tiny Tots/Preschool Comfortable clothing (No metal, zippers, belts, etc) and bare feet. ​ NOTE: ​ -Hair MUST be tied back and kept out of the gymnasts' eyes. -No jewlery -Cubbies are provided but we are not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  • What if there are only 3 classes offered in a month?
    Our billing structure accounts for the gym being closed for holidays and breaks between sessions. There are a few months that only have 3 weeks of classes, however, there are also several months that have 5 weeks of classes. In the end, everything balances out to an average of 4 weeks per month.
  • What if the gym is closed due to bad weather?
    Your child will be able to make up their class at a different time or day within their level. In Alliance or Hemingford we try to offer additional classes on the Friday of the same week if we have to cancel due to weather. To schedule your makeup class, contact Kristin at 308-207-2799 via text or phone call. You can also message us via remind or email
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