Tuition Policy

Annual Registration Fee: A $30 registration fee is required (each September) or is added to the first months tuition.  Two or more siblings living in the same household are charged $60.  We accept enrollment at anytime, as long as there is room in our class roster.

Payment Policy: Tuition is due prior to the first class of each month. Regular rates apply September through May.  Tuition is a flat rate per month.  Panhandle Gymnastics closes for major holidays.  Summer (June, July, August) classes/camps will differ from regular school year classes.   We accept cash, check or Visa/Mastercard at Panhandle Gymnastics.  You can also mail payments to:

Panhandle Gymnastics

P.O. Box 1164

Chadron, NE 69337


In the event that you need to drop a class, a completed “Withdrawal Form” must be received in the office by the 15th  of the month if you would like to withdraw from next month’s classes.  Without this completed form, payment for the next month’s classes will still be due.

Class Make Up Policy: In any event that a child misses a class, or the gym is required to close due to weather or other circumstance; classes are to be made up at another day/time within the student's level.  There will also be Saturday Open Gyms from 1pm-3pm held at the Owners' discretion that can be used for make up days.  Any student make up day must be approved through the office prior to the student attending the make up class. 

Class Placement/ Level Requirements

Monthly Tuition Rates

Tiny Tots/Preschool (Ages 18months-5) 

$45/Month (45min 1x/wk)

$67.50/Month (45Min 2x/wk)

Levels 1&2, Beginning Boys

$50/Month (1 Class 1x/wk)

$75/Month (1 Class 2x/wk)

$100/Month (1 Class 3x/wk)

Levels 3, 4 &5, Ninja, Advanced Boys

$60/Month (1 Class 1x/wk)

$90/Month 1 Class 2x/wk)

$120/Month (1Class 3x/wk)

Pre Team



Competition Team

$150/month Level 2

$175/ month Level 3

Open Gym

$5/ One Time Enrolled Athlete

$10/ One Time Drop-In Athlete



Dress Code


Leotard and bare feet.  Tight fitting athletic active wear is acceptable.  Tights are acceptable as long as they have no feet.  For the safety of your gymnast we require no loose clothing.


Sweatsuit, or "T" shirt, shorts, and bare feet.  For the safety of your gymnast we recommend tight fitting athletic active wear.


Tiny Tots/Preschool

Comfortable clothing (No metal, zippers, belts, etc) and bare feet.


  • Hair MUST be tied back and kept out of the gymnasts' eyes.

  • No jewlery

  • Cubbies are provided but we are not responsible for lost or stolen items.

New Student Assessment- All new students will be required to take an assessment with one of our USAG certified coaches prior to class placement.  We want to insure that each athlete is placed in the proper environment to achieve the most success.

Class Placement- USA Gymnastics requires specific skill achievements prior to advancing to a higher level.  Foundational skills not achieved in Level 1 will eventually lead to an injury in Level 4.  At Panhandle gymnastics we strive to safely teach athletes to set goals, not limits, and in doing so teach them to love the journey as well as the destination.


In addition to their regular scheduled level three, four, or five classes, athletes will have access to the gym during any other regular 2 hour class, as well as “Open Gym” Saturdays. Emphasis during these extra sessions will be placed on learning USAG routines, as well as training for competitions.

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